Postgraduate Course Outlines – Semester 1, 2015

The following courses ran in Semester 1, 2015. Click on a course code to download the course outline in PDF format.

AERO9500 Space systems Architectures and Orbits
GSOE9810 Process and Product Quality in Engineering
GSOE9820 Engineering Project Management
GSOE9830 Economic Decision Analysis in Engineering
MANF4100 Manufacturing Facilities Design 2
MANF4611 Process Modelling and Simulation
MANF6860 Strategic Manufacturing Management
MANF9543 Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture
MANF9544 Concurrent Product and Process Design
MECH4305 Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis
MECH9325 Fundamentals of Acoustics & Noise
MECH9620 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MECH9720 Solar Thermal Energy Design
MECH9761 Automobile Engine Technology
MMAN4400 Engineering Management
MMAN4410 Finite Element Methods
MMAN9001 MEngSc Project A
MMAN9002 MEngSc Project B
MTRN9221 Industrial Robotics
MTRN9222 Artificially Intelligent Machines