Postgraduate Course Outlines - Term 2, 2019

The following courses are running in Term 2, 2019. Click on a course code to download the course outline in PDF format. If the course code is not linked, the course outline has not yet been finalised. 

ENGG9743 Fuel Cycle, Waste and Life Cycle Management
ENGG9744 Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards
GSOE9340 Life Cycle Engineering
GSOE9820 Project Management
GSOE9830 Economic Decision Analysis in Engineering
MANF4611 Process Modeling and Simulation
MANF9400 Industrial Management
MANF9472 Production Planning and Control
MECH4100 Mechanical Design 2
MECH4320 Engineering Mechanics 3
MECH9325 Fundamentals of Acoustics and Noise
MECH9720 Solar Thermal Energy Design
MMAN4200 Additive Manufacturing
MMAN9001 Master of Engineering Science Project A
MMAN9002 Master of Engineering Science Project B
MMAN9451 Masters Project A
MMAN9452 Masters Project B
MMAN9453 Masters Project C