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As one of the largest and most prestigious schools of our kind in Australia, we invite you to read more about the UNSW School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. 

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Aerospace engineers focus on the science and practice of air and space flight. They design, develop, test and produce aerospace vehicles, look after the maintenance and operation of aircraft and spacecraft, and conduct aerospace research. Aerospace engineers work with exciting, cuttingedge technologies and, given the nature of the industry, often need to travel overseas.

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Any design that you can dream of can be brought to reality by a mechanical engineer. The development of new concepts, vehicles, air and space craft, and even machinery for the production of everyday items all depend on the ability of mechanical engineers.

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Mechanical engineers have traditionally played the major role in the analysis and design of products, machinery, energy transformation and electro-mechanical processes. Manufacturing engineers allow these designs to be produced in a factory or industrial setting.

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Mechatronic engineers create, design and build intelligent machines, ranging from household white goods to advanced robotic systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles and self-driving cars. Mechatronic engineers are often involved in work at the cutting edge of technology.

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