Meet our academics

Research at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has grown dramatically in recent years, thanks to investment in new academic staff, resources and facilities, thus widening our research portfolio and helping to bring our innovative ideas to life. Our academics are energetic, engaging, motivated, and well-connected internationally. They constantly tackle the big issues at both the national and international scale, and their ideas and developments impact industry and academia alike.

We conduct world class research across a broad range of disciplines and applications, including manufacturing, combustion, bio-fluidics/nano-transport, automation, materials, vibration, and aerodynamics. Our internationally renowned academics work to discover more efficient and sustainable technologies for the design and manufacture of everything from small individual components to large systems.

Our research strengths continue to be shaped and developed by the ideas, passions, and expertise of our academic staff, in addition to the expert guidance and support they provide to team members and students alike. Read on for an insight into what drives our researchers towards the next big thing.