Important information for all demonstrators

This information is to guide demonstrators on the procedures and school expectations for course demonstration and marking for the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Please read this form carefully prior to filling up and signing your HR63. If you have any questions, please contact the MECH Teaching Team.


UNSW expectations

All demonstrators need to follow the UNSW Code of Conduct  which deals with confidentiality, discrimination, health and safety, harassment, etc.


School expectations

  • Be familiar with the subject and able to answer basic questions confidently and accurately
  • Attend the necessary training programs (faculty and School) prior to commencing work
  • Conduct yourself as a professional: dress-code, language, punctuality, etc.
  • Provide demonstration at the highest standard possible
  • Conduct all course communication and teaching activities in English
  • Follow the directions of your course coordinator at all times
  • Contact your course coordinators if you have any feedback on the activities, assessments and how students perform
  • Meet the requirements of your HR63 and ensure you comply with the maximum working hours allocated to you (see below: Maximum Working Hours)
  • Get help and advice when required
  • Perform your health and safety duties
  • Take part in a review program. Course convenors will attend one of your tutorial/labs and provide feedback accordingly.

Remember: Don’t obstruct learning; instead, help learning.

Your job is not maximising students’ marks, but maximising their learning.


Employment Contracts and Forms

All demonstrator contracts and employment forms must be submitted before the start of term. Exact dates will be provided by the School on confirmation of your appointment. Until all contracts and required forms have been submitted, the appointed demonstrator will not be legally permitted to begin working.

Contracts and Forms:

A new HR63 contract is required at the beginning of every year, for each course you teach. If you have not been paid by the University in more than 6 months for demonstrator work, a Tax File Declaration form (TFN) is also required


Contract Requirements

Detailed information on filling in the HR63 forms can be found here.

Please note:

  • All 4 pages of the HR63 forms need to be submitted.
  • If this is your first time demonstrating, international students also need to include
  1. Copy of your passport.
  2. Copy of student visa details.


Maximum Working Hours

For your HR63, you will be required to fill in the number of hours you will be working. These hours MUST match the hours shown in the course organisation chart your course convenor submitted. As such, you need to see your course convenor prior to filling out your HR63.

Please note that the HR63 is a contract taken between you, your course convenor and the School. It is your responsibility to ensure that you work the hours allocated to you. These hours you submit indicate the maximum number of hours you will be paid for. The School will not compensate you for any additional work you undertake above the hours allocated in your HR63.

The time allocated for you to mark course assessments is calculated based on a standard guideline set by the School. By agreeing to mark assignments for a course, you are committing to completing this task within the allocated hours. Should you find yourself unable to stay within this allocation, as a first step, you need to have a discussion with your course coordinator. You can also contact either the MECH Teaching Team or the Deputy Head of School (Education), Dr Garth Pearce for assistance.



Based on your HR63, you will be paid for the following duties automatically – Demonstration, Other Duties, One-off Academic Duties Payment.

Casual Marking and Exam Invigilation claims are not automatically paid. You need to submit these claims online here after the work has been completed. Your Marking and Exam Invigilation claims will then be checked by the MECH Teaching Team and sent to your course coordinators for approval on Week 6, Week 10 and Week 13 of every term. After your course coordinators approve these claims, you will be paid accordingly. Please note that due to the sheer number of demonstrators this School employs, we are unable to process your Marking and Exam Invigilation claims outside of these times. 

Please do not send any extra hours claims forms directly to finance – all claims must be done via the online form.


Looking for advice?

General enquiries / payment enquiries – MECH Teaching Team
Teaching content - Please contact the Course Coordinators
Student conduct and plagiarism – Please contact the Course Coordinators
Equity and diversity issues – School Diversity Officer, Dr Sonya Brown
Course content/delivery issues – Please contact your Course Coordinators or Dr Danielle Moreau


Useful resources

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