Lab Access How-To (forms)

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) maintains several laboratories and workshops for student and staff use.
In order to gain access to these spaces, please complete the following steps:  

Man working in lab

1. Obtain your zID number and swipe card from UNSW. 

2. Discuss your location and equipment needs with your supervisor and identify which lab and what equipment you would like to use from this list. If you need assistance in making your selection, please contact Tamsin Peters for guidance. 

3. Complete the required UNSW online training. Please follow enrolment instructions for students and staff. Note that once you have enrolled, you need to go to UNSW Moodle to see the courses. For student enrolments it may take a few days for your course to appear.

4. All lab users with swipe access need to complete the following training

    • WHS Awareness (HSEAWA, online)
    • Green Lab (HSEREF, online)
    • Ergonomics (HSEEMT, online)
    • Lab Safety Awareness (HSELSA  or HSELSS online) 

5. Read the MME Lab Presentation.

6. Read the MME General Risk assessments on SafeSys and click 'declare as read' on each: 

(Please be patient and wait for the page to load.) 

7. If you need to use a lab that contains class 3 or 4 lasers, contact the laser safety officer Joe Tscherry for a laser induction. 

8. Fill out a School Access Approval Form. Please note: This form must be typed. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted. 

9. To organise a laboratory induction: 

  • Choose which lab(s) you would like to access from this list. If you are unsure which lab will best suit your needs, contact Tamsin Peters for guidance. 
  • Send your completed SAA form to the relevant Technical Officer along with a list of equipment you would like to use. 
  • The Technical Officer will make an appointment for an induction and training with you. 

10. Take the paperwork from your induction (SAA form and HS049 form provided at induction) and obtain your supervisor's signature. 

11. Return paperwork to Technical Staff and your swipe access will be updated within 24 hours.

12. While you are waiting, use the booking system to sign up to use equipment.