Structure in 2019

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has the following structure for Thesis beginning in 2019:

Practice Thesis

The Practice thesis aims to deliver high quality, hands-on experience for students who would like to apply their engineering knowledge to solve real-life engineering problems. Most students will undertake this thesis option and enrol in (undergraduate) MMAN4010 and MMAN4020 or (8338 postgraduate) MMAN9001 and MMAN9002. This is a 2 Term thesis model.

Research Thesis

Research thesis aims to deliver high quality, research-intensive experience for students who would like to continue in postgraduate research (MPhil / PhD) or R&D in industry in their future. Students who choose this thesis option will need to locate and come to an agreement with a supervisor, and then enrol in MMAN4951, MMAN4952 and MMAN4953 (for undergraduates. The course codes are MMAN9451, MMAN9452, MMAN9453 for 8621 postgraduates). This is a 3 Term thesis model, in most cases.

Please note that all courses occur in every term. The link below is presents scenarios for transition students and students beginning Thesis in T1 2019.

Link for Thesis Options

More Information

We recommend checking out the School Thesis Portal for more information.

To-do list

If you are planning to begin your Thesis in Term 1 – 2019, the following are things you need to do now and in the next few weeks.

  • Self enrol into the School Thesis Portal on Moodle via the link:
    • The enrolment key for students is engmecht (all lower case, no space)
  • Read through the information carefully and note down all necessary actions that need to be taken for enrolling in Thesis
  • Enrol in the appropriate Thesis/Project course when enrolments for 2019 open.

Please Note: Self-enrolling into this Thesis Portal does not mean that you are enrolled in the Thesis course (i.e. MMAN4010, MMAN9451, MMAN9001, MMAN4951). You must enrol into the correct thesis course via myUNSW.

If you have any issues enrolling to the Thesis Portal, email Ron Chan via for assistance. If you have any questions about any of the above, post them in the Thesis Portal.