Dr Matthew David

Administration Manager
Mech & Manufacturing Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 4165

Ainsworth Building (J17)
Level 2, Room 208A
Kensington Campus

Dr. Matthew David holds a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He has more than 10 years of experience with composites for both aerospace and automotive applications beginning with his time at Airbus working on a research project on composite stiffened wing panels as an undergraduate from RMIT University. He began his formal career at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as a research engineer focused on activities in the field of crashworthiness and composite bonding technologies. During his time at DLR, Dr. David collaborated on research programs with a number of research institutions and government agencies from across the globe. He was also an active contributor to the Crashworthiness Working Group of the Composite Materials Handbook coordinated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Following this, he joined Multimatic, a Tier 1 Canadian automotive parts supplier. Matthew was a key contributor to the development of performance enhancement composite parts using advanced modelling and simulation tools.