Dr Susann Beier

Mech & Manufacturing Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 7580

Ainsworth Building J17
Level 4, Room 401D
UNSW, Kensington Campus
Sydney NSW 2052

PHD RESEARCH TOPICS AVAILABLE - please see below and contact Susann for more information. 

Current Research Projects 

  • Advanced medical image analysis
  • Stent design optimisation
  • Machine learning / Deep learning to understand disease risk 
  • Arterial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) 
  • Nanomedicine 
  • Fluid-structure interactions in stented arteries 
  • Cell migration modelling 
  • Advanced 4D MRI flow 

For more information on Dr Beier's research please see the Coronary Atlas website and the Sydney Vascular Modelling Group's page.


Susann is originally from Germany were she received her mechanical engineering undergraduate degree with the KIT Research Center and the Cooperate State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg. After she worked at the Light Metals Research Center in Auckland, New Zealand as a Research Engineer where she soon lead national and international teams on large-scale research projects. During this time she also undertook her Research Masters in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland. Later she relocated to the Medical Faculty to undertake her PhD in Biomedical Sciences, combining her knowledge of material, fluid dynamic and biomedical sciences. Since, her focus has been engineering driven cardiovascular disease treatment and her work spans across image processing, large data analysis and computational modelling of blood flow and tissue mechanics. Susann joined UNSW as a Lecturer in January 2018 and continues to run a team in Auckland while building up her group in Australia. Susann is based at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and works closely with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Sciences. 


MECH9650 Microfluidics


  • Invited Chair, European Bifurcation Club EBC, Brussel, 2018
  • European Bifurcation Club EBC, Porto, Portugal, 2017
  • European Bifurcation Club EBC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Keynote, 2016
  • Research Bazaar ResBaz, Auckland, New Zealand, Keynote, 2016
  • Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular Society CSANZ, Auckland, New Zealand, Keynote, 2015
  • MICCAI CVII-STENT, presentation, 2015
  • European Bifurcation Club EBC, presentation, 2015


  • The Australian Academy of Sciences Travel Award for ECR, 2018
  • Heart Foundation Fellowship, 2017
  • Visiting Fellow, Stanford University, 2017
  • Auckland Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) Project grant $153,000 NZD, 2017
  • Auckland Academic Health Alliance (AAHA) Collaboration Fund $100,000 NZD, 2016
  • Cardiovascular Research Innovations Grant $35,000 AUD by the Cardiovascular Society of Australia and New Zealand, 2016
  • Auckland Charitable Heart Trust, Research Fellowship, 2015
  • Emerging Research of the Year Award, Runner-up, 2015
  • 3min Thesis Competition, Finalist, 2014
  • Emerging Research of the Year Award, Runner-up, 2013
  • Auckland Charitable Heart Trust, Doctoral Scholarship, 2011
  • Laval University Travel Award, 2010