Industrial Training

Theory Into Practice imageAn important part of your degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at UNSW is putting what you’ve learned into practice in a real-life engineering environment. Yes, an ‘internship’.

It’s a compulsory part of graduating, and a great opportunity to test the waters, and show yourself (and others) that you really have got what it takes. There are no promises of course, but some of our students have actually gone on to find work through their internship program.


Each student must complete a minimum of 60 days industrial work before graduation. Normally this would be done in the vacations between years 2 and 3 and years 3 and 4 but can be also done upon the completion of year 4.

It is a valuable part of training as a professional engineer, and it is also a requirement for recognition by professional societies such as Engineers Australia.

Finding a position

There are plenty of resources available to help you find and apply for your internship, however we recommend using your own initiative to go out and get a position on your own. It is excellent training for when you are applying for jobs after graduation, and showing initiative is likely to play in your favour in a big way!

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