Congratulations and welcome to the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering!

Where to start?

Can’t find what you need to know? myUNSW is a guide to UNSW services and resources, and on here you can find information on anything from key dates through to exams or even fee information. You will enrol onto your courses using myUNSW so get yourself familiar with it!

How do I accept my offer?

Before you can enrol in courses for your program, you need to have accepted your offer. For instructions on how to accept, decline or defer your offer, read the Step-by-step guide to accepting your offer on myUNSW.

How and when do I enrol?

Enrolment is your responsibility and is completed on myUNSW, and a helpful resource to assist you with enrolling is the Enrolment Tips & Guide which will provide you with all you need to know.

If you do encounter any problems with enrolment, pop by the School’s General Office. We are happy to help.

You must complete your enrolment by the published deadline on myUNSW Key Dates. If you do not enrol by the published deadline you may be charged a late enrolment fee of $250. myUNSW has a calendar listing Enrolment Date Deadlines.

What do I do if I find I am not happy with what I have enrolled in?

After enrolling, you may find you are unhappy with your program or some of the courses you have chosen. If so, speak to someone in the School’s General Office to discuss the possibilities open to you. Students enrolled in either an undergraduate program or postgraduate program can apply to transfer to other undergraduate or postgraduate programs via myUNSW as an Internal Program Transfer. For information on eligibility requirements and lodging an application for an Internal Program Transfer, go to myUNSW, or else speak to your Program Authority to find out more about availability and eligibility.


Who is my Program Authority?

Undergraduate Students

Mrs Tanya Memedovic and Mr Jonathan Pritchard can provide assistance on a range of academic and administrative matters, including program rules, enrolment, academic advice, choice of major, choice of courses and electives, timetables, leave and program transfer.

Postgraduate Coursework Students

If you have any questions regarding enrolment, choice of courses or general administrative matters, you can contact the Postgraduate Coursework Administrator, Mr Jonathan Pritchard. If you need advice on academic matters, you may contact the Masters of Coursework Coordinator, Mr Corey Martin, to arrange an appointment.


Changing & Confirming Enrolment

How do I confirm my enrolment?

Enrolment is your responsibility and you must ensure that you are correctly enrolled before the enrolment deadline. Read the Step-by-step Enrolment Guide for more information.

You can confirm your enrolment through myUNSW.

Can I change what I am enrolled in?

Yes, you can add, drop or swap courses by varying your enrolment in myUNSW, which will provide you with a Step-by-step guide to adding, dropping and swapping courses. Be careful to make sure that all changes are complete and confirmed before the enrolment deadlines though.