Scholarships and prizes


UNSW Australia and the Faculty of Engineering offer a variety of scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students (existing and new). The majority of scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement, whilst others are available to assist students based on personal circumstances, including financial need. A scholarship allows students to focus on their studies and participate in university life by removing some of the financial pressures that can come with university study.

UNSW Engineering scholarship opportunities include:

For a full list of the many scholarships offered at UNSW, with details of their value, tenure, eligibility, conditions, application procedures and closing dates go to UNSW Scholarships.

With over 2,000 scholarships awarded annually across the University, why not find one that suits you and apply!

Awards and Prizes

It makes sense that the harder you work at university the better off you’ll be in the future. But all that hard work often goes unnoticed. At the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering we try to show our hard-working students that their effort hasn’t gone under the radar. We reward students in various ways – through things like prizes and the Dean's Awards, both of which are great ways to get a leg up in the future.

Please see the following links for additional information on the scholarships and prizes available.