Combined degree programs

Dual degrees

If you are interested in taking your degree to the next level, you may consider extending your bachelor degree by combining it with another degree. Combining two degrees is a great way to enhance your career prospects. If you want to do a dual degree, you can combine your Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering degree with Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Biomedical Engineering or Engineering Science. 

Please Note: The duration of the degree programs listed below is subject to change as UNSW moves to T3+ (trimesters). The content of the degrees will remain the same. For more information, please visit

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Science  (5 years)

Engineering and science go hand-in-hand – being able to understand the intricacies of the physical world and apply them in an engineering setting gives graduates an invaluable edge. This dual degree gives you options in research, policy and government in addition to the engineering industry.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Arts  (5 years)

This dual degree provides students the opportunity to gain a Bachelor of Mining Engineering and Bachelor of Arts after 5.5 years. A diverse array of specialisations exist with this option, which help engineers develop skills in humanitarian engineering. 

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce  (5½ years)

Having a grounding in both Commerce and Mining Engineering will give you insight into the social and economic aspects of engineering and give you a head start in consulting, banking or business environments.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Law (6½ years)

This dual degree gives you an edge by giving you skills in both the legal world and in a technical engineering discipline of your choice. The crossover is unusual and hence highly valued, particularly in the growing environmental and cyber fields.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Biomedical Engineering  (5 years)

Biomedical Engineering is a masters degree taken concurrently with the either the Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate degree from our school. This program allows the application of engineering analysis and techniques learned in the undergraduate degree to problem-solving in medicine and life-sciences.