Undergraduate Course Outlines – Semester 1, 2013

The following courses ran in Semester 1, 2013. Click on a course code to download the course outline in PDF format.

AERO3410 Aerospace Structures
AERO3640 Flight Mechanics and Dynamics
AERO4110 Aerospace Design Project A
AERO4410 Advanced Aerospace Structures and Vibrations
AVEN1920 Introduction to Aircraft Engineering
AVEN2230 Aviation Technologies
ENGG1000 Engineering Design and Innovation
MANF3100 Product and Manufacturing Design
MANF3610 Manufacturing Operations
MANF4020 Manufacturing Systems
MECH4320 Engineering Mechanics 3
MMAN1130 Design for Manufacture
MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics 1
MMAN2400 Mechanics of Solids 1
MMAN2700 Thermodynamics
MMAN3200 Linear Systems and Control
MMAN3300 Engineering Mechanics 2
MMAN3400 Mechanics of Solids 2
MMAN4010 Thesis A
MMAN4020 Thesis B
MMAN4400 Engineering Management
MTRN3200 Elements of Mechatronic Systems
MTRN4010 Advanced Autonomous Systems
MTRN4230 Robotics
NAVL3410 Ship Structures 1
NAVL3610 Ship Hydrostatics and Practice
NAVL4120 Ship Design Project A
NAVL4140 Design of Yachts and High Speed Craft