Undergraduate Course Outlines, Semester 2 2017

The following courses will run in Semester 2, 2017. Click on a course code to download the course outline in PDF format.

AERO3110 Aerospace Design  
AERO3630 Aerodynamics  
AERO4110 Aerospace Design Project A  
AERO9610 The Space Segment  
ENGG1000 Engineering Design and Innovation  
MANF3510 Process Technology and Automation  
MANF4430 Process Improvement and Maintenance Engineering  
MECH3110 Mechanical Design 1  
MECH3610 Advanced Thermofluids  
MECH4100 Mechanical Design 2  
MECH4320 Engineering Mechanics 3  
MECH4620 Computational Fluid Dynamics Updated 21 July 2017
MECH4880 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  
MECH4900 Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue  
MECH9223 Machine Condition Monitoring  
MECH9420 Composite Materials and Mechanics Updated 3 August 2017
MECH9761 Automobile Engine Technology  
MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics 1  
MMAN2100 Engineering Design 2  
MMAN2130 Design and Manufacture Updated 24 July 2017
MMAN2300 Engineering Mechanics 2 Updated 24 July 2017
MMAN2600 Fluid Mechanics  
MMAN3000 Professional Engineering and Communication  
MMAN4010 Thesis A  
MMAN4020 Thesis B  
MMAN4400 Engineering Management  
MMAN4410 Finite Element Methods  
MTRN2500 Computing for Mechatronics  
MTRN3020 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems  
MTRN3500 Computing Applications in Mechatronic Systems  
MTRN4030 Optimization Methods for Engineering Systems  
MTRN4230 Robotics  
NAVL3120 Design of Ships and High Speed Craft  
NAVL3620 Ship Hydrodynamics  
NAVL3710 Ship Propulsion and Machinery  
NAVL4130 Ship Design Project B  
NAVL4410 Ship Structures 2