Mechanical and manufacturing engineering careers

Mechanical and manufacturing engineers research, design, build, test, maintain and improve all manner of things, from power plants, renewable energy systems and electrical generators, to robots computer systems and aircraft engines and cars. If it is a machine, it was an engineer that made it.

In recent times, mechanical and manufacturing engineers have had to adapt to the changing needs of the technology era. Now they design bionic limbs and prosthetic joints, develop high performance composite materials, work on more flexible manufacturing processes and much more. As technology demands it, a mechanical and manufacturing engineer responds accordingly with an ingenious invention or more efficient process.

What do aerospace engineers do?

Aerospace engineers design, manufacture, test, repair and maintain aircraft in fields from defence to commercial airlines to research to financial risk assessment.

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What do manufacturing engineers do?

Manufacturing engineers are experts in industrial production – they come up with the best ways to design, build, and ship products on a large scale, on time and within budget.

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What do mechanical engineers do?

From the automotive industry to the aerospace industry, from power generation to insurance, a career in Mechanical Engineering can take you far.

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What do mechatronic engineers do?

Mechatronic Engineers create smart, innovative machines that are aware of their surroundings and can make decisions.

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What do naval architects do?

If the structure is big and it floats, you can bet a Naval Architect was involved in planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, improving or even regulating it.

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