The UNSW Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering (MERESoc) was formed from the merging of Mining Engineering Society and Petroleum Engineering Society in the 2018, when their respective schools similarly merged.

As a constituent society, all students studying petroleum or mining engineering are automatically members. Membership of MERESoc is valuable as it is well connected with industry and offers numerous networking opportunities throughout the year. Our aim is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students from both disciplines to have more professional development opportunities through social events to help students build their network in a relaxed manner. 

In 2019, we successfully held industry-sponsored seminars and barbecues for companies such as Thiess, Evolution and Fitzroy. These events are great opportunities for our students to learn from industry guest as well as ask pertinent questions about graduate and vacation employment. We believe that creating strong relationship while in university is of great benefit to our students when they eventually enter the workforce. 

MERESoc offers many social events throughout the year such as weekly oz-tag games, annual pub crawl and MERESoc Ball. The 2019 MERESoc ball was a resounding success, with high turnout. 

MERESoc encourages all engineering student to be involved as long as they are interested in the minerals and energy resources sector as it is an excellent way to meet fellow UNSW students, learn about the industry and network. 

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