The Minerals and Energy Resources in Australia

The mining industry in Australia

The combination of Australia’s wealth of resources and the world’s ongoing need for energy, means the role of mining and petroleum industries is as important as ever.

How to extract resources efficiently remains a constant challenge faced by governments and industry everywhere. Producing and powering vehicles, machinery, computers and telecommunications devices is a high priority for all of us, and depends on a using a vast array of energy and minerals.

Mining Engineering is all about the planning, safety, design, operation, management and sustainability of mines. Mining Engineers are responsible for the safe, economic and environmentally sound extraction of minerals and resources from our precious earth.

The role of the Petroleum Engineer is also now more important than ever. The world's oil and gas resources provide some of the richest, densest and valuable energy sources available. Here you can find out about hydrocarbon fuel sources, the major players in the industry and how they are addressing the world demand.

Petroleum Engineers are concerned with the exploration, discovery and production of oil and gas wherever they are found - onshore or offshore, in sandstone or limestone, coal or shale.

In addition to developing hydrocarbon energy sources, Petroleum Engineers are also developing technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production of energy such as Carbon Capture and Storage and Geothermal energy.