At the School of Mining Engineering at UNSW your learning experience will be boosted by the wide range of laboratory facilities we have. These facilities are a vital component of the undergraduate course in Mining Engineering – and make the learning experience ‘real’ for our students.

VR Simulator

VR Simulator

This cavernous dome, at the heart of our School, provides a virtual setting for students to explore an underground mine. A new reality opens up as you duck underneath the overhead pipes and step safely beyond the hazard zone to accompany your peers beyond the boundaries of traditional education and into experiential learning.Students have the opportunity to be immersed in staggeringly realistic underground mine scenarios through our VR Simulator. This facility – also referred to as the Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment (AVIE) – casts 360-degree 3D images against has floor-to-ceiling screens with cinematic clarity.

Computer Laboratory

The School has a computer laboratory capable of accommodating 60 students. These computers have a range of mining software which students use to design and develop mining case studies for their programs.

Rock Mechanics Laboratory

The Rock Mechanics Laboratory at the School of Mining Engineering provides students with the opportunity to use customized equipment for both fundamental and applied research into mining issues and water research.

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