Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Industry Advisory Board Committee (IAC) of the School has been constituted in order to:

  • Provide the School with a dynamic view of the external environment and of developments in energy technology;
  • Provide advice to the School on the relevance and application of its research programs;
  • Provide insight into the skills of graduate students sought by industry and the community in Australia and overseas, and feedback on how well the School is meeting these needs;
  • Mentor the School in the development of new relationships that will assist with the execution of its research strategy and the alignment of its curriculum.

The role of the Industry Board IAC is to advise the Head of School on external views of the undergraduate and graduate programs and research directions of the School. 

Particular briefs may also be provided to the IAC at various times to address specific issues that arise in the School.  The IAC may also raise issues that it would like to see investigated and provide some advice on these to the Head of School.

The IAC comprises of distinguished people nationally from the oil and gas sector and mining industry, including from government, who advise on the vision and strategic direction of the School and take a real interest in aspects of the School’s operations albeit from a top-level view.

Committee members are selected and highly regarded for their breadth of experience and discussions range across a variety of topics including governance, operational matters, the strategic direction of the School, major initiatives, research initiatives, teaching programs, and also advice on industry developments. 

The Committee Board is chaired by a senior industry person and meets two times per year.   

Members include: 

  • Peter Coates - Chair IAC & Non-Executive Director, Glencore.
  • Bob Cameron - Non-Executive Chairman, County International
  • John Saunders - Linden Group
  • Ian Sylvester - Woodside Energy Ltd
  • Susan Mallan - Powerlink
  • Natalia Beliakova - Mitsui E&P Australia
  • James Barben - NSW Minerals Council
  • Nicole Brook - Glencore Coal
  • Bruce Fulton - Ophir Partners
  • Vanessa Garling - Wood Mackenzie
  • Hannah McColl-Wayne - Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd
  • Kotaro Warita - Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd
  • John McIntyre - Behre Dolbear Australia
  • Angus Wyllie - NorthParkes
  • Tracey Winters - Santos Ltd
  • Brendan Howard - Rio Tinto
  • Ismet Canbulat -Head of School – UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering
  • Klaus Regenauer-Lieb - Discipline Lead – Petroleum
  • Paul Hagan - Discipline Lead – Mining
  • Bindya Subba - School Manager – UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering
  • Quang Ly - Industry and Innovation Manager, UNSW Engineering
  • Rebecca Rodger - Minutes