Postgraduate degrees

Have you thought about what to do once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree?

If you want to develop further, either before entering the industry or while you’re already working in a role, then our postgraduate programs are the answer. We have coursework and research programs to suit any avenue you wish to develop in. At UNSW’s School of Minerals and Energy Resources you can advance your skills, knowledge and expertise while working to a Master and Graduate Diploma/Certificate award.

Our research programs allow you to work alongside some of the best researchers within mining and petroleum engineering, and you’ll be working on developing real-world solutions to problems faced today and tomorrow throughout the industry. Whether it’s sustainable practices, new equipment or something else, your work will benefit the community, governments and industry – both locally and internationally!

We also provide advanced technical and management education or retraining in various specialisations in engineering, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed in your career.