Mathematical Geosciences Best Paper Award 2018

Congratulations to Professor Christoph Arns, Professor Sheik Rahman, Dr Yuzhu Wang and Ji-Youn Arns (CJEL Imaging Technology Pty. Ltd.) on being awarded Mathematical Geosciences Best Paper Award for 2018 for their paper “Porous Structure Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Networks,” Volume 50(7): 781–799.

More information on the award and authors can be found here.

This work introduces a convolutional neural network method reconstructing high-resolution porous structures based on low-resolution μ-CT images and high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) images. It leads to significant improvements in describing the connectivity of porous media at the pore scale while still covering a large field of view. This is a key advance for working with highly heterogeneous porous media including carbonate rocks and should lead to significant breakthroughs in the predictive modelling of two-phase flow through porous media.

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