The 23rd Annual Kenneth Finlay Lecture

The 23rd Annual Kenneth Finlay Lecture was held on Tuesday 29th October at Leighton Hall, UNSW. This year’s guest speaker Mick Buffier, Group Executive – Global Coal Assets, Glencore delivered a highly informative talk on Safety Improvement in the mining industry over 30 years through the lens of Glencore Coal. 

The Q&A and networking following the lecture was enjoyed by all those who attended.

Mick’s presentation covered the enormous strides made in improving the safety performance of the mining industry. This has been brought about by committed leadership, and the ownership of safety by all at the workplace and improved safety tools. Mick’s presentation also demonstrated the world-leading health-and-safety practices with practical examples from the globe. 

About Mick Buffier

Group Executive – Global Coal Assets, Glencore

Mr Buffier has over 35 years’ experience in the coal mining industry in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) from Sydney University and a Master of Business Administration from Newcastle University.

Mr Buffier joined Glencore Coal in 2001 as the Director of Open Cut Operations in NSW. Subsequent to the Xstrata IPO in 2002 Mr Buffier held the role of Chief Operating Officer of Xstrata’s coal mining operations in NSW. In 2009, he was appointed Group Executive for Sustainable Development and Industry Relations, across the company’s global coal operations. Mr Buffier continues in this role following the merger of Glencore and Xstrata in May 2013.

Prior to this Mr Buffier held various positions including Mining Engineer, Senior Mining Engineer, Production Manager, Mine Manager and General Manager.

In all of his roles Mr Buffier has had significant responsibility for improving safety performance and in his current role sets strategic direction and provides oversight for health, safety, environment and community relations across Australia, South Africa and Colombia. Mr Buffier was a member of the NSW Ministerial Mine Safety Advisory Council for many years.

Mr Buffier is a former Chairman and a current Director and Deputy Chairman of the NSW Minerals Council. Internationally, he is the recent past Chairman and current Vice Chairman of the World Coal Association and an Associate of the IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board (CIAB). He is a Director of COAL21, Australian National Low Emissions Coal (ANLEC) R&D Limited and CO2CRC.

The School wishes to acknowledge the continued support of the NSW Minerals Council for this event.



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