What’s in my Tiramisu?!

Ankita Singh’s presentation on how tiramisu cakes and their delicious layers can resemble earth energy resources and how her PhD will help us better characterise these resources won her the People’s Choice Award at the Faculty of Engineering 3 Minute Thesis!

Ankita will now represents the Faculty of Engineering at the UNSW 3MT on Tuesday 17th September 2019! 

Ankita is working on novel methods from computer vision literature and their application for oil and gas industry. She completed her undergraduate also at UNSW and was one of the top performers securing the competitive IPRS Scholarship to continue her studies. She is completing her PhD at MUTRIS Research Group working with Dr Peyman Mostaghimi, Dr Ryan Armstrong and Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb. The preliminary results of her PhD has been published by the Water Resources Research journal that can be downloaded from this link https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2018WR023342.

The School was also proud to have Jessica Dallas present her research at the Faculty 3MT.

Jessica’s research quantitatively compares the impact that mining platinum group metals (PGM) on an asteroid will have on Earth’s environment, with conventional PGM here on Earth, using the life cycle assessment approach. While the asteroid mining operation itself will not impact Earth’s environment, there will necessarily be a large increase in the number of space vehicles that we launch from Earth to facilitate the asteroid mining operation. The cumulative effect of all of these launches is likely to have a large impact on Earth’s environment, particularly due to combustion emissions from rocket engines. Preliminary results of this work show that while PGM mining on Earth would likely result in higher greenhouse gas emissions than its space based counterpart, on the flipside, asteroid mining would result in a much higher emission of ozone depleting substances, that would be deposited directly into Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. Future work will extend this research over many more environmental categories.

Jessica is working with Professors Serkan Saydam & Andrew Dempster and Dr Simit Raval.

The School congratulates both Ankita and Jessica on representing UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources and wishes good luck to Ankita at the UNSW 3MT competition!

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