Why I chose Mining Engineering: Olivia Gall

Postcard from a miner abroad....

A career in Mining Engineering is a choice I will never regret. As a person who enjoys a challenge, interacting with new people and broadening my horizons, this industry has already endowed me with more opportunities than I can count to fulfil myself. 

The most prominent opportunity to date has been the chance to study overseas through the Student Exchange program that is offered to Mining Engineering students at UNSW. I am currently living in a small mining town in Austria called Leoben where I am completing my subjects in the English language, whilst surrounded by the snow-capped Austrian Alps and within hours of the major cities of Europe.

Along with two other UNSW Mining Engineering students, Matthew Hasthorpe and James Fogarty, I have been able to study with people from all over the world, gain a new perspective on the mining industry and how it operates in another country, whilst travelling to a new part of Europe most weekends with our time off. It is an experience I couldn’t recommend highly enough. 

If you are considering a career in Engineering, consideration towards Mining Engineering is something I’d advise. 

I never expected my career in Mining Engineering to be dull, and that has certainly been valid to my experience so far.


The diversity of opportunity and challenge within this tightly-knit yet extensive industry continues to surprise me, and I look forward to wherever it will send me next. 

Wish you were here, Olivia.




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