Centre of Excellence for Deep Energy and Minerals

Chart of the Deep Earth Laboratory workflowOur mission is to unlock deeper resources to secure a sustainable future. Deep energy (shale gas, shale oil, tight gas, coalbed methane, heavy oil tar sands, methane) and deep mineral resources (geothermal brines, in-situ leaching) are trapped in low porosity/permeability/hydraulic conductivity environments and are difficult to produce. Because of their vast abundance these deep resources are regarded as game-changers for securing our future economy. Deep minerals or mineral by-products harvested from deep geothermal fluid sources, have been identified as one of the top-10 technologies that could transform our future by the World Economic Forum. Numerous attempts with existing experimental or numerical approaches have so far failed to invoke this transformation.

Our Centre of Excellence for Deep Energy and Minerals (CDEM) will cut this Gordian Knot by developing a ground-breaking integrated cross-scale material platform technology involving advanced computational, experimental, theoretical and field developments: the Deep Earth Laboratory. This hybrid technology platform will glue together five research centre nodes to access the extreme temperature and pressure conditions that currently render these deep deposits inaccessible with existing technology and knowledge. The CDEM will provide the first engineering window for accessing deep energy and mineral deposits.