Mining systems and processing

This research area focuses on improving efficiencies in mining systems and mineral processing through novel techniques, technology developments and new approaches. This field spans:

  • Froth flotation as a mineral separation technique;
  • Longwall top coal caving;
  • Block cave mining; and
  • Off-Earth Mining on asteroids, Mars and the Moon.

Current research being undertaken includes flotation froth behaviour and bubble stability, and the development of an integrated economics model for in-situ resource use to support a colony on Mars.

Our current mining engineering researchers are focused on working with industry to solve current mining engineering issues and to mitigate risks. They work collaboratively to find innovative ways to ensure environmental, safe and sustainable practices are incorporated in all aspects of mining. 

Froth floatation for mineral processing

The use of small particles to stabilise foams and emulsions has received considerable attention in recent years. This fundamental research project is harnessing an innovative technique, developed by Dr Ata , to allow particle-stabilised air bubbles and liquid droplets to be directly observed, manipulated and tuned in order to discover improved applications for particle-stabilised interfaces.

Contact: Dr Seher Ata