Groundwater ARC Success

Wendy Timms & the teamCongratulations to Wendy Timms and the entire research team for their recent success in the Australian Research Council in Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme.

The collaborative team made up of researchers from UNSW, Monash and University of Queensland submitted the $150,000 research request to continue their research work on a coupled high temperature elemental analyser. This project is for a high temperature, elemental analysis, gas chromatography, isotope mass spectrometry facility. This would permit the analysis of the isotopes of up to four elements in a range of environmental samples such as tree cellulose, ecological samples and dissolved nutrients in surface and ground waters. Results will help improve our understanding of climate - surface water - ground water interactions, ecosystem function, and past climate and environmental change. The new facility will meet the need for organic isotope analyses to better understand the underlying physical processes.