Postgraduate coursework courses

On this page you can find information about the postgraduate courses taught by the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering.

Course outlines are your first point of reference for any questions you may have about a course. They are usually posted a week before each term commences. When the course is not currently being taught, the last available outline is provided to give indicative information on the course. However course delivery may change from term to term.

Please note that the information provided is subject to approval by the Head of School. Information provided about courses and programs and any arrangements for courses, including staffing, are an expression of intent only and are not to be taken as a firm offer or undertaking. The School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering reserves the right to discontinue or vary such courses or programs or arrangements at any time without notice and to impose limitations on enrolment in any course.

The Postgraduate Course Calendar can be found here.


PGC Courses

The School offers the following Mining postgraduate courses:

  • MNNG/MINE5010 Fundamentals of Rock Behaviour
  • MNNG/MINE5020 Geotechnical Assessment
  • MNNG/MINE5030 Mining Excavations in Rock
  • MNNG/MINE5040 Applied Geomechanics (coal)
  • MNNG/MINE5050 Ground Control Principles (coal)
  • MNNG/MINE5060 Operational Geotechnical Management
  • MINE8101 Fundamentals of Mining Engineering
  • MINE8110 Mining Processes and Systems
  • MINE8115 Mining Processes and Analysis
  • MINE8120 Hazard Identification, Risk and Safety Management in Mining
  • MINE8130 Technology Management in Mining
  • MINE8140 Mining Geomechanics
  • MINE8210 Management Systems – Projects, Processes, Contracts, Contractors
  • MINE8440 Mining Industry Research Project I *
  • MINE8445 Mining Industry Research Project II **
  • MINE8640 Geotechnical Hazards in Hard Rock Mines
  • MINE8660 Geotechnical Engineering for Underground Hard Rock Mines **
  • MINE8680 Geotechnical Data Collection and Analysis **
  • MINE8690 Mining Geotechnical Project **
  • MINE8710 Mine Slope Stability
  • MINE8720 Numerical Methods in Mine Geomechanics **
  • MINE8750 Advanced Soil Mechanics and Mine Fill
  • MINE8760 Mine Geology and Geophysics for Mining Operations
  • MINE8770 Mining Law
  • MINE8780 Environmental Management for the Mining Industry
  • MINE8790 Advanced Mineral Economics and Project Evaluation
  • MINE8810 Mine Surveying
  • MINE8820 Mineral Processing
  • MINE8850 Mine Design and Feasibility
  • MINE8860 Drilling, Blasting and Machine Excavations
  • MINE8910 Mine Water and Waste Management
  • MINE8930 Uranium Mining Fundamentals
  • MNNG*/MINE9901 Ventilation and Mine Services
  • MNNG*/MINE9902 Environmental Contaminants
  • MNNG*/MINE9903 Heat in Underground Mines
  • MNNG*/MINE9904 Ventilation System Management
  • MNNG*/MINE9905 Mine Hazards and Control
  • MNNG*/MINE9906 Coal Mine Ventilation
  • MNNG*/MINE9907 Metalliferous Mine Ventilation and Control
  • MNNG*/MINE9908 Metalliferous Mine Ventilation
  • MINE9910 Mine Ventilation
  • MNNG*/MINE9920 Spontaneous Combustion and Reactive Ground
  • MNNG*/MINE9921 Mine Ventilation Legislation
  • MNNG*/MINE9922 Mine Ventilation Practices

* This course is not required for Graduate Certificate students unless they wish to articulate to the Masters program (via the Graduate Diploma). It can be taken as an elective now or during the Graduate Diploma.

** These courses are not available to Graduate Diploma students.


The School offers the following Petroleum postgraduate courses: