Undergraduate courses

On this page you can find information about the undergraduate courses taught by the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering.

Course outlines are your first point of reference for any questions you may have about a course. They are usually posted a week before each term commences. When the course is not currently being taught, the last available outline is provided to give indicative information on the course. However course delivery may change from term to term.

Please note that the information provided is subject to approval by the Head of School. Information provided about courses and programs and any arrangements for courses, including staffing, are an expression of intent only and are not to be taken as a firm offer or undertaking. The School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering reserves the right to discontinue or vary such courses or programs or arrangements at any time without notice and to impose limitations on enrolment in any course.

The School offers the following undergraduate courses:

Mining courses

  • ENGG1000 Engineering Design (Mining Component)
  • MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering
  • MINE2010 Mining Project Development
  • MINE2610 Mining Services
  • MINE2810 Minerals & Processing
  • MINE3000 Research Elective
  • MINE3220 Resource Estimation
  • MINE3230 Mine Planning
  • MINE3310 Mining Geomechanics
  • MINE3430 Mining Systems
  • MINE3440 Surface Mining Systems
  • MINE3450 Underground Mining Systems
  • MINE3510 Mine Ventilation
  • MINE3630 Rock Breakage
  • MINE3910 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining
  • MINE4250 Hard Rock Mine Feasibility Project
  • MINE4260 Coal Mine Design & Feasibility Project
  • MINE4310 Mine Geotechnical Engineering
  • MINE4320 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
  • MINE4440 Mining Research Project I
  • MINE4450 Mining Research Project II
  • MINE4510 Advanced Ventilation
  • MINE4610 Mining Asset Management & Services 
  • MINE4710 Mine Management
  • MINE4910 Mining in a Global Environment

Petroleum courses

  • ENGG1000 Introduction to Engineering Design and Innovation (Petroleum Project)
  • PTRL1010 Introduction to the Petroleum Industry
  • PTRL2010 Business Practices in the Petroleum Industry
  • PTRL2018 Introduction to Petrophysics
  • PTRL2019 Reservoir Engineering A
  • PTRL3001 Reservoir Engineering B
  • PTRL3002 Reservoir Characterisation & Simulation
  • PTRL3003 Field Development Geology and Geophysics
  • PTRL3015 Well Drilling Equipment and Operations
  • PTRL3022 Design Project for Petroleum Engineers
  • PTRL3023 Formation Evaluation
  • PTRL3025 Petroleum Economics
  • PTRL4010 Integrated Oil & Gas Field Evaluation A
  • PTRL4011 Integrated Oil & Gas Field Evaluation B
  • PTRL4012 Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery
  • PTRL4017 Well Technology
  • PTRL4020 Natural Gas Engineering
  • PTRL4021 Petroleum Production Engineering
  • PTRL4024 Drilling Fluids and Cementing
  • PTRL4040 Honours Research Thesis A
  • PTRL4041 Honours Research Thesis B