Mining Education Australia (MEA)

Mining Education Australia (MEA), a unique collaborative venture that delivers more than 85% of Australia’s annual graduates from mining engineering degree programs. MEA comprises UNSW SydneyUniversity of Adelaide, University of Queensland and Curtin University. These four universities deliver a common curriculum for years 3 and 4 of the Bachelor degree in Mining Engineering. This combination of Australia’s four leading mining engineering universities, supported by its mining companies, provides an unequalled environment in which to study for a degree in an engineering discipline that will lead to an exciting and rewarding career in an industry that will continue to play a significant role in Australia’s economy and in the development and support of economies throughout the world. Mining Engineering graduates are also among the highest paid graduates with the highest rates of employment.

Whilst MEA students enrol at, and graduate from, one of the four member universities, they have the benefit of the combined teaching and research expertise of staff from all four universities.  MEA students can also collaborate on projects with their counterparts from the other partner universities.

MEA is an initiative of  and supported by, the Minerals Council of Australia, membership of which includes 48 of Australia’s leading mining and mining services companies. Industry also benefits from a common curriculum informed by a much greater concentration of staff, educational resources, research expertise and industry experience than could be provided by individual universities.

MEA provides:

  • A high quality, comprehensive education to mining engineering students at MEA partner universities;
  • The Australian minerals industry with sufficient graduate mining engineers to meet the majority of its annual graduate requirements;
  • MEA partner universities with financially viable mining programs through shared development and delivery of courses;
  • Mining academic staff with a collaborative, supportive peer network;
  • Graduates with desirable attributes as endorsed by industry.
  • Partnering to keep mining strong

What MEA means for students

  • A comprehensive education program covering all aspects of mining engineering technical, operational and social, community and environmental issues.
  • Access to a national group of mining academic staff with skills in major areas.
  • Exciting new and innovative teaching and learning programs, including collaborative student activity.
  • Opportunity to undertake exchange semesters among member universities.
  • Graduate with a world-class degree, from an industry supported national program.