Postgraduate Coursework Programs in Mining

UNSW’s School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering is a world leading faculty specialising in Mining Engineering and research projects associated with the industry. Our staff are industry professionals with years of experience to draw upon and pass on to students making their way to joining one of the most exciting and challenging industries in the world.

Our postgraduate mining engineering courses help you focus your skills on specific areas within the industry, making you more valuable to employers and improving your career prospects.

You can find details of all our postgraduate coursework programs in mining, along with useful resources that will help you plan your studies, learn what to expect and find out what studying as a postgraduate student is really like.

Among these resources, you’ll discover if you can qualify for Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) if you have completed similar courses during a previous program. There’s a tool to help estimate the fees for your course and guidance of what’s needed for your application portfolio.

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