From Coffs to the coalface

Growing up by the beach in Coffs Harbour it can be hard to imagine a career in mining. Surely mining is dark, dirty, remote, and has a limited future…

You can become a manager, a leader, a technical guru, an academic or an executive

Chris Rowland

Well, I grew up in Coffs, I studied Mining Engineering at the University of New South Wales, and I can tell you – mining will open you up to a world of unlimited opportunity. I have had so many great experiences, from literally working at the coalface, to presenting for the managers of multi-national companies overseas.

By studying mining engineering at UNSW, you get to choose. You can become a manager, a leader, a technical guru, an academic or an executive. You can choose travel and adventure. You can choose to make a real difference in a vital industry. You can choose to get into environmental management, politics, industrial relations, finance, consulting, strategy, tunnelling or construction. You can choose coal, gold, copper, iron ore, silver, zinc, or… anything really!

Chris Rowland

Best of all, you will meet wonderful people and become part of an incredible family.

As for me, my choices have me living on the south coast of NSW. I’m at the beach, I’m still involved in mining, and I still love it. What will you choose?

P.S. Interesting fact - Coffs and the surrounding area has a long history of mining (starting the discovery of gold in 1881), including over 100 gold mines (that you can still find today if you’re willing to go exploring) and even an underground coal mine at Nymboida!

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