Research degrees in mining engineering


At the School of Mining Engineering at UNSW we offer two research programs which can be taken on a full-time basis on campus or a part-time* basis if you are local student who is employed full time.

Research degree opportunities are centred around the following specialisations which make up the Research Priorities of the School:

  • Mining Geomechanics
  • Sustainable Mining Practices
  • Mining Systems and Processing
  • Innovative Learning and Teaching

Teaching Excellence

Our quality academics are drawn from the mining industry and inject strong practical, educational and research experience into the programs they teach. Our brilliant researchers make significant contributions to the global future of mining practices and education. With strong links to industry, both here and overseas, our students benefit from practical experience and mentoring throughout their studies.

Be formally recognised as a mining industry expert

Postgraduate Research Programs give you the opportunity to create new knowledge and provide real-world solutions to tomorrow's challenges. As a successful researcher, your work can benefit the community, governments and industry on a global scale. At the School of Mining Engineering at UNSW we have many Postgraduate Researchers from Australia and around the world. Our current international postgraduates come from places like China, South America, and Turkey. Find out more about our Research Academics.

Benefits of Postgraduate Research at UNSW

Embarking on a Postgraduate Research Program at the School of Mining Engineering at UNSW will:

  • Give you access to world-class and experienced lecturers as well as guest speakers from the industry.
  • Link you with fellow students and help you establish a network that will serve you well throughout your career.
  • Give you access to superior learning facilities and systems.
  • Allow you to develop key transferable skills such as problem-solving, research and analysis, teamwork, project management and communication.
  • Enhance your career options by complementing and expanding your existing knowledge.
  • Help you stand out in a competitive job market.
  • Enable you to collaborate with other research centres and universities, as well as with industry leaders.
  • Provide possible opportunities for overseas travel.

 For further information and details on how to apply please contact the School via email: