UNSW Mining Engineering have updated the Health and Safety system – SafeSys with all our key documents available online at:

SafeSys is being used to create, edit and view all Risk Management Forms, Safe Work Procedures, details on activities to be undertaken (mine site visits, field trips, BBQs) and use and maintenance of lab equipment. The documents in SafeSys are up-to-date, current and are modified regularly.

How to use SafeSys

Below is a flow chart outlining the step for creating Risk Management Forms, Safe Work Procedures, activities or equipment on SafeSys.

The two most common SafeSys entries are:

Risk Management Form: Used for a process or area that have many hazards and pieces of equipment e.g. managing the risks of a research project, or an office space, or a noisy environment. This is used to identify all the hazards and consider how each one can be eliminated or controlled.

Safe Work Procedure:  Documents control measures and is used to provide step-by-step instructions for hazardous operations e.g. how to operate a machine, how to weigh out a hazardous chemical. These are used as a practical tool to train and instruct workers.


Creating a form on SafeSys

From the home page click on either tab "Create Risk Management Form" or "Create Safe Work Procedure", this will take you to the relevant blank form. Alternatively, within the Health and Safety Form list view click on "Items" tab at the top of the page then the choose the dropdown below the "New item" text and choose the relevant form.

Complete the form. Hover over the empty fields for help text on how to complete the form. You can save the form as a draft to work on at another time and have it reviewed by others; otherwise you can submit it for approval.

Need more information or having difficulties with SafeSys?

More information on this system can be found here. You may need to use your zid and zpass to access these documents.  If you are experiencing any problems, please contact Maree Magafas