High school students

Mining engineering is unique. It provides the vital link between geo sciences and the engineering technologies of mining and the business end of the global mining sector.  Mining engineers team up with geologists and other professionals to find ways to extract vital minerals from the ground in the most efficient and sustainable way possible to meet the ever-increasing demands of a resource hungry world.

There is a fabulous range of possibilities for anyone with a passion for “what lies below”. A mining engineer could be designing a minimal-impact way to remove minerals from the sea bed, installing and testing mega-tonne mining machinery underground, or sitting in an office planning and keeping tabs on the systems and processes that are required to run a safe mining site. The options are endless.

So if you are interested in science and natural resources, are good at problem solving, love playing with big machinery and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there’s more than enough going on in mining engineering to keep you busy! 

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