Mining Engineering (Honours)

Mining Engineering studies the safe, economic and environmentally responsible recovery, processing, marketing and financial management of mineral resources. In simple terms, mining engineering is about the extraction of natural minerals from the earth and the processing of those minerals into more user-friendly forms. Because extracting minerals from the earth can be destructive, the role of the mining engineer is to figure out how to remove these minerals in a way that minimises the impact on the environment.

Degree Snapshot

UAC CODE: 425300
Program Code: 3707
Min Duration: 4 Years
Semester 2 Entry: No
Assumed Knowledge: HSC Mathematics Extension 1, Physics 

What is Mining Engineering?

Mining engineering gets a bad rap in some arenas but that's because it is misunderstood. As we've said above, Mining is definitely about removing natural resources from the earth, but the role of mining engineering is to do that in the best possible way that protects the environment from unneccessary damage and services the huge need that our society has for the minerals extracted.

Career Opportunities in Mining Engineering

With a degree in Mining Engineering from UNSW you could end up working in the field or in the office; at mine sites and in capital cities. Mining engineers enjoy fruitful careers in Australia as well as overseas. You might choose to work in technical roles such as drilling or blasting engineering or in consulting, project management, research and development or government policy and planning.

Professional Recognition

UNSW's Mining Engineering degree is accredited by Engineers Australia, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the corresponding professional bodies in the USA, UK and other overseas countries. The degree is also accredited for Statutory Mine Managers Certificates, both coal and metalliferous, throughout Australia and overseas.

Dual Engineering Degrees

Degree Course Structure

A typical program sequence is shown below:
Year 1
Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Computing, Engineering Design and electives including: Engineering Mechanics, Mining Resources Engineering, Fundamentals of Geology, Engineering Materials and Chemistry
Year 2
Engineering Mathematics, Mining Project Development, Fluids and Thermodynamics, Numerical Methods and Statistics, Structural Mechanics, Minerals and Processing, Mining Services, General Education
Year 3
Resource Estimation and Evaluation, Mining Geomechanics, Mining Systems, Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining, Mine Planning, Mine Ventilation, Rock Breakage, and one of Minerals and Processing, Advanced Minerals Processing, Surface Mining Systems, Underground Mining Systems, General Education
Year 4
Mine Design and Project Feasibility, Mine Geotechnical Engineering, Mine Research Project-Planning, Mine Management, Mine Research Project Thesis, and one of Advanced Mine Ventilation, Mining Equipment Optimisation, Mining in a Global Environment, General Education, Surface Mining Systems, Underground Mining Systems, Advanced Minerals Processing, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
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