Mining engineering scholarships

UNSW offers a variety of scholarships with some valued at up to $48K each

The School of Mining Engineering will offer up to 15 more UNSW Minerals Industry Scholarships valued at $48K each for students commencing 1st year studies in Mining Engineering (or Mining Engineering dual degrees) in 2018.

Applications for these scholarships will open in August/September 2017.  For details of how and when to apply see UNSW Scholarships.

UNSW Mining Engineering Scholarships

There are also a number of other scholarships available to students in the undergraduate mining program. Some of the major scholarships offered to students in mining engineering include:

High school leavers

Current students

A comprehensive listing of all scholarships available can be found at UNSW Scholarships.

Please note that the scholarships currently on offer are subject to change and most applications do not open until July.