6 things to do this Open Day

First-class advice from someone who’s been there: Sanjeevan Prabahar explains how you can make the most of UNSW’s Open Day in these six top tips.

1. Explore campus thoroughly

Skipped leg day at the gym to come to the UNSW Open Day? No worries, the Basser Steps have you covered. Take a stroll around our great campus and if you feel you might get lost, don’t worry, I feel you, I did too! Luckily you can hop on a Campus Tour and our friendly student volunteers will guide you around. Although make sure you wear comfortable footwear because it will be a workout!

2. Get involved

What’s the only thing better than a fidget spinner? A free fidget spinner! Well, there may (or may not) be fidget spinners up for grabs, but there are certainly lots of activities to take part in and freebies to win. Walk around to the stalls, grab a free bite and don’t be afraid to get involved in what you see. You never know, you may even walk away with a trophy to show mum and dad.

3. Ask questions

Ask us ANYTHING you like. From “Is there an elevator I can take instead of climbing the Basser Steps?” to “I know I want to study engineering, but I don’t know which type. What do I do?”. There are many student ambassadors and volunteers walking around ready to help you out with anything you need. They were in your shoes not too long ago so they know how you feel. Stop and talk to them. Don’t be shy!

4. Absorb the atmosphere

Take a breather at one of the Faculty Lectures and experience how it feels to sit with 100+ students in a lecture hall and learn how it differs to a school classroom. These lectures will give you an indication about what the different divisions (we call them Schools) under each Faculty do in academic and research fields. Also, make sure you talk to lecturers or current/past students there afterwards to build your picture of what studying here will be like.

5. Explore our clubs and societies

There are student-run groups ranging from building world-record-setting Solar Cars all the way to a society to appreciate Pokemon, so there are bound to be several clubs or societies that stir your interest. There will be numerous stalls set up by the faculties, sporting societies, social work and volunteering groups, hobby and interest groups and many more. Go up to the stall that interests you to ask about what they do. If you don’t feel happy that there isn’t a club to appreciate fidget spinners, know this: you can create your own just as soon as you start your studies at UNSW!

6. Get social

UNSW’s Open Day is a great opportunity to make sure you don’t fall behind on the Snapchat Streak with your mates! The views of and from campus would be pretty sweet for your Instagram story too. So, have fun, take selfies, make new friends, ask questions and most important of all, experience the campus to answer the question “Do I want to come here to study?” (We hope the answer will be “YES!”).

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  • 6 things to do this Open Day
  • 6 things to do this Open Day
  • 6 things to do this Open Day
  • 6 things to do this Open Day