Parth Aggarwal – In profile

Parth Aggarwal is studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.All the way from Batala in Northern India, Parth Aggarwal shares what life is like at UNSW.

As part of a special international program between UNSW Australia and India’s Manipal University, Parth Aggarwal travelled to Australia to complete the final two years of his four-year undergraduate engineering degree.

Find out what Parth has to say about his life at UNSW.

Where are you from and what are you studying?

I’m from Batala in Northern India and I’m studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Why did you choose UNSW?

I originally aspired to go to the United States, but when I heard about UNSW, I changed my mind. UNSW Engineering has a great international ranking and past UNSW/Manipal alumni gave me great feedback. There are also much better work and study opportunities for students in Australia than in the States. But, the deciding point for me was that Australia is so safe, and Sydney is so vibrant.

What have you learned since coming to Australia?

Professionally and personally, it has developed me so much! The things I’ve learned are just tremendous beyond words. I’ve learned how to strike a good balance between my studies, work and social life. Before I came, I didn’t have great communication skills and I didn’t have great confidence, but now I have greatly improved both of those things. I feel that UNSW has given me professionalism through education and by the time I graduate I will be very employable.

Where are you living?

This year I moved to International House on UNSW’s campus. It promotes community engagement by creating a family-type atmosphere. A big family of 170 students! It’s just fabulous.

Have you joined any of the student groups?

I joined the UNSW Hero Program and I’m also part of the UNSW Leadership Program. I also completed the Taste of Research Summer Scholarship Program, after which I got selected as a part-time (paid) research assistant in the School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering.

What’s your fondest memory so far of your time in Australia and UNSW?

When I first arrived, I found it hard for a time. I couldn’t find a nice place to live and even phoned my parents to tell them I was coming home. It was a real struggle, but now I realise the struggle was one of the best parts of the whole experience. Here I am, after two years, with a great place to live, friends and lots more confidence. It’s been a really great journey.

What would you say to a fellow Indian student considering coming to UNSW?

I would say, ‘if you’re seeking opportunities and educational experiences, it’s the best place to be!’ I would also recommend being proactive about finding these opportunities. There is help everywhere on campus, you just have to look for it.

Lastly, I would recommend every student to experience staying off campus, at least for part of the time. This has great potential to evolve you as a person in different dimensions, making you stronger and more confident by the time you graduate. 

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