Winners of 2013 Science and Engineering Photography Competition


We're pleased to announce the winners and runners-up for the four engineering categories of this year's 2013 Science and Engineering Photography Competition.


This year, three categories were open to UNSW staff, students and alumni. The prize for best photo is $1000 visa gift card.


We also opened a fourth category to high school students. The prize for best photo is $500 apple store gift card.


Category: Engineering in Education



taken by Graham Doig
Photo description: The Faculty's solar car project, Sunswift, brings together students from all over the university to design, build and race a solar-powered vehicle. For engineering students working on the project, it's a rich addition to the normal curriculum. This year's vehicle is a radical departure from previous ones - it is designed to carry 2 people in relative comfort, and actually looks like a car. The students get to apply everything they learned in the classroom and then some - as well as racing success, the project produces some of the university's finest engineering graduates. Here, mechanical engineering PhD student Pujith - who led the car's aerodynamic design as an undergraduate - works on securing the steering column before a testing session.


Engineering in education: Georgio robot taken by Clément Berti


Runner up
taken by Clément Berti
Photo description: Giorgio, the Rescue Robot built with legos.


Women in engineering: Venturi & orifice fluid analysis taken by Adam Humphrey


taken by Adam Humphrey
Photo description: Venturi & orifice fluid analysis


Women in engineering: Mother's PhD taken by Banafsheh Pazokifard


Runner up
taken by Banafsheh Pazokifard
Photo description: After working hours, Tara explores her Mother's PhD environment.


Engineering at work: taken by Dr Mazher Choudhury


taken by Dr Mazher Choudhury
Photo description: [Soldering]


Engineering at work: Computational Fluid Mechanic taken by Shahram Karami


Runner up
taken by Shahram Karami
Photo description: Computational Fluid Mechanic - Combustion Modeling - Lifted jet flame 


High School Category: Everyday Engineering


Everyday engineering: Supertree Grove, Singapore taken by Natasha J


taken by Natasha J
Photo description: The Supertree Grove is an attraction located in the Gardens by the Bay area of Singapore. It is also a prime example of environmentally sustainable technology.


Everyday engineering: Opera House by Jacob Smith


Runner up
Taken by  Jacob Smith
Photo description: [Sydney Opera House at Vivid]


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