October Challenge: Send your pet to space!



Your challenge is to design a rocket to send your precious pet on a round trip to space! 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly into space? With recent advances in technology, we could be flying to Mars sooner than you think! Australia is at the forefront of aerospace engineering, and here at UNSW you can design, test and build rockets, and learn how to fly to the stars!  

This month, your challenge is to design a rocket to send your pet on a trip to space. There are lots of things to consider, but most importantly of all, the wellbeing of your loving pet so they come home to you safe and sound.


You should consider the following aspects when designing: 

  • Structure: How will the rocket look? Where will you house your pet?  
  • Aerodynamics: How will you keep the rocket stable and stop it from spinning and flipping? Maybe the addition of fins would help? 
  • Wellbeing and safety: How will you keep your precious passenger safe? How will they sleep, eat, drink and exercise? Remember there won’t be any gravity! 
  • Recovery: How will you ensure that the rocket (and your pet) lands safely back on earth? Maybe you could use a device to slow it down?


 Upload your designs to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group by Sunday 25th October or to our alternative submission form 


Here are some helpful links for club members to look at for structure, aerodynamics, wellbeing/safety, recovery: