Tyree X-ray CT Facility

Tyree X-ray CT with UNSW Petroleum Engineering staff

UNSW Petroleum Engineering is a world leader in applying X-ray CT imaging to the study of porous media and other materials in the oil and gas industry and beyond. The Tyree X-ray CT Facility offers leading edge equipment combined with our expert know-how and award winning analysis techniques. We see one of the most important things we can provide to our clients is quality control – ensuring that our clients get the imagery and/or data that they need. You will find that our capabilities go well beyond those of conventional X-ray CT facilities.

The Tyree X-ray CT Facility is built on the technology developed over more than a decade of research and development at UNSW Australia and ANU. This technology was commercialised through the spin-off company Digital Core Pty Ltd which merged with Numerical Rocks AS in 2013 to form Lithicon. In 2014, Lithicon was acquired by FEI for A$76 million. The innovative technology and its successful commercialisation has seen UNSW's Professors Arns and Pinczewski awarded with Eureka and NSW Premier's prizes, named in the 2015 Engineers Australia Top 100 Engineers and numerous UNSW innovation prizes, along with many high impact publications and research projects.

Housed in a dedicated, temperature stabilised (ΔT<0.5°C), lead-lined room, the Facility has been designed to allow easy access to the equipment and the ability integrate complex flow experiments with the imaging system. We offer tomographic imaging with a large dynamic range, excellent field of view (FOV) and very high resolution. By operating our X-ray source (180kV/20W with diamond windows) and high-quality flatbed detector (3,072 × 3,072 pixel, 3.75 fps readout rate) in its helical scanning mode (exact reconstruction method), we are able to produce tomograms with resolutions approaching sub-micron levels. We can also image very large samples of various shapes in circular trajectory mode. The Facility also has advanced and massively parallel software to process images generated on the system.

For more information please contact Tyree X-ray or +61 (2) 9385 5196/9269.