2016 Hugh Crocker Scholarship

Congratulation to PhD candidate Nawaf Sayedakram for being awarded 2016 Hugh Crocker scholarship

FESAus awards the Hugh Crocker Scholarship  each year to a MSc or PhD student in Australia, who is undertaking a project with relevance to Formation Evaluation. Nawaf is working on a complex integrated NMR/micro-CT wettability alteration study on carbonates which uses a sequence of tomographic imaging under different saturation conditions for both water-wet and mixed-wet conditions in a workflow integrating low-field NMR measurements. The workflow allows determining spatially distributed wettability models which for all saturation conditions are consistent with NMR measurements and which might prove a breakthrough in modelling some of the most prolific carbonate reservoirs known.

For more information about this scholarship and previous years’ winners please visit FESAus website.


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