Open day - behind the bucket hat!

I've wanted to write about Open Day for the longest time but I didn't have the photos to go with it! I’ve finally obtained the photos and so here I am sitting and writing about it. Most of the photos in this post were taken by my awesome senior mentor Parkash.

So, Open Day... a day when lost Year 12’s and ambitious Year 10s (as well as littler ones) come and see what university is like. I've had my fair share of Open Days (went through both the ambitious and lost phases), but only in Malaysian universities, so when another senior mentor Ankita asked me if I would help out at UNSW's Open Day this year, I said definitely, yes!

I was told that I would be sharing my experiences transitioning from high school into university as a part of the School of Petroleum Engineering's presentation. I sort of freaked out when I found out that I was the only first-year helping the School out at Open Day this year, but later on I found out that everyone was really nice and accommodating. I didn't feel left out at all.

So yeah, I began preparing my short talk and practiced it for a day or two. I can admit that I'm not the worst at presentations, but that was back home. Only upon coming here did I painfully get hit by the worry – what if my spoken English was highly deficient?, so I was reasonably nervous... especially given the fact that I was to talk to domestic students and try to relate to them although I myself am an international student.

Anyway, the day came and I was pretty excited, mostly by the fact that I had my UNSW Open Day shirt on! I won’t lie—getting the shirt was paaart of the reason why I wanted to volunteer… hehe. Also, I had my *rolls eyes* “fashionable” bucket hat on *groans* *donates it to dad because he loves bucket hats*

My first ever UNSW Open Day - Engineering shirt! #MadeByMe?

Because there were only two talks that day, I played around at the school's tent when I wasn't preparing or delivering the talk. The day’s highlight was probably our pumping station, where passers-by had a go at maximising the displacement of water using a pump, within 15 seconds. This replicated the process of carbon-capture and storage (CCS) on a small scale. The prize for the highest displacement was a $30 iTunes gift card.

I had so much fun, it’s not often I get to be that loud and cheery! It was awesome because Petroleum is one of the smaller schools in the Faculty of Engineering but our tent was super loud and enthusiastic. Pure team spirit!

The pumps were made by first-years (uhh, including me… apologies for the lack of craftmanship) in the Engineering Design and Innovation projects we all had. It's also probably why most of them were pretty flimsy—I'm pretty sure we got through 4 pumps that day, one malfunctioning after the other. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and to be honest I feel like that all the screaming and shouting we did was more for our enjoyment than for the benefit of the people pumping... although it no doubt gave them encouragement. Hahaha.

The team at work!

I had a go at the pump myself but halfway through, I realised that no one was telling me to stop... I was like, why am I getting tired? Then I realised no one was timing me because I forgot to have someone replace me as the timer. My energy? WASTED!!! Hahaha. God's indirect way of telling me I needed a little bit of a workout (P.S. it is harder than it looks...)