Industrial training

All UNSW Faculty of Engineering programs include an Industrial Training component – which is a valuable introduction for students to the real world of engineering.

Industrial Training (IT) is integral to developing practical skills for becoming a successful petroleum engineer. Students will spend a minimum of 60 days working in a company, spread out within the 4 year duration of the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree. IT will usually take place during summer breaks at the end of students' second and third years. The purpose is to prepare them for employment, giving them the opportunity to gain direct workplace experience and to apply the theory they learn in class. This is a great opportunity for you to get a real understanding of the type of career you will have and also make yourself attractive to prospective employers.

Finding industrial training

Most of our students find Industrial Training assignments in Australia, although some find placements overseas in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Norway, Denmark and Japan. At UNSW Petroleum Engineering, we believe our industry links and academic program will give you a good start as you seek workplace experience. We aim to ensure all our students will be able to meet their Industrial Training requirements. However, it is ultimately up to you to secure an Industrial Training placement and the earlier you start, the better your chances of finding a position. The video below, features former student Monte Wilson relating how he secured an Industrial Training place.

For further information about the industrial training program and requirements contact IT Coordinator, Sheik Rahman.