Undergraduate electives

Professional elective

AVIA3013 - Workplace Safety

CEIC2000 - Material and Energy Systems

CEIC2002 - Heat and Mass Transfer

CEIC2003 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory

CEIC2004 - Industrial Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

CEIC2009 - Material and Energy Balances in the Chemical Process Industry

CHEM2011 - Physical Chemistry: Molecules, Energy and Change

CHEM2021 - Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms and Biomolecules

CHEM2031 - Inorganic Chemistry: The Elements

CHEM2041 - Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods

COMP1511 - Intro to Programming

COMP1927 - Computing 2

COMP4920 - Management and Ethics

CVEN2501 - Principles of Water Engineering

CVEN3502 - Water and Wastewater Engineering

ECON1101 - Microeconomics 1

ECON1102 - Macroeconomics 2

ECON1107 -Elements of Environmental Economics

ELEC4122 - Strategic Leadership & Ethics

ELEC4445 - Entrepreneurial Engineering

ENGG0360 - Communicating in Engineering

FINS1613 - Business Finance

GEOS1701 - Environmental Systems, Processes and Issues

GEOS2241 - Climate Change & Energy Policy

GEOS2711 - Australian Climate &Vegetation

GEOS2721 - Aust. Surface Enviro & Land

GEOS3141 - Mineral and Energy Resources

GEOS3733 - Environmental Geophysics

GEOS3761 - Environmental Change

GEOS2821 - Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing

GSOE9712 - Engineering Statistics and Experimental Design

MARK1012 - Marketing Fundamentals

MATH2089 - Numerical Methods & Statistics

MATH2120 - Mathematical Methods for Differential Equations

MATH2301 - Mathematical Computing

MATS2001 - Physical Properties of Materials

MATS2008 - Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria

MGMT1001 -Managing Organisations & People

MGMT2724 - Health and Safety at Work

MMAN2100 - Engineering Design 2

PTRL4024 - Drilling Fluids & Cementing

PTRL5100 -  Petroleum Geomechanics A*

PTRL5101 - Petroleum Geomechanics B*

PTRL5102 - Digital Core Analysis*

Notes: * This course is postgraduate level. Undergraduate student will need at least WAM 65 and with approval from the Undergrad Coordinator to be eligible to enrol