Frequently asked questions

Is Petroleum Engineering about making Petrol?

No. Petroleum Engineers are involved in the discovery and development of oil and gas resources, as well as accessing other resources in the earth's crust such as geothermal energy and CO₂ storage.  Find out more on Petroleum Engineering.

Can I combine my undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering with another undergraduate degree?

Yes. The Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) degree can be combined with studies in Commerce, Science, Arts, Music or Law. Find out more on combined degrees.

Can I study online or by distance?

Yes. We offer everything from individual courses to full coursework Master's degrees as part of our Open Learning Program.

How do I apply to become a research student?

To become a research student you need to satisfy our entry requirements, as well as find a supervisor and agree a research topic with them. Find out more on Postgraduate Research Admissions.

What are the fees for studying at UNSW Australia?

The University Fee Homepage contains all you need to know about fees. There is also a fee estimator and more specific information available for Research Students available.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. We have scholarships for every level of study. Find out more on Scholarships and Prizes.

Other questions?

More frequently asked questions are answered at the Faculty of Engineering FAQ page.

For all other enquiries, please visit the Contact Us page to submit your enquiry to the appropriate team. Please be as specific as possible so that we can answer your enquiry as quickly and accurately as possible.