International students

The UNSW School of Petroleum Engineering is arguably the best in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that many students from different locations amalgamate to acquire the best education possible in Petroleum Engineering.

Whether it is to study our industry-respected Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering or one of our many postgraduate coursework or research programs, students from across the Asia-Pacific come together under one roof to ensure themselves a fantastic future.

Furthermore, to add to an invaluable university experience, UNSW International is a dedicated service that looks after International Students while they are studying at UNSW. Students receive support required to enhance, enrich and make the most of their studies.

Programs on offer for International Students at UNSW School of Petroleum Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering. The Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW is highly-respected and industry supported program. Find out more about what you can study and how to apply.
  • Postgraduate Coursework Studies. We offer an excellent range of postgraduate coursework programs and continuing education for engineers.
  • Postgraduate Research. We are recognised internationally for engineering research. Find out more about the School of Petroleum Engineering Postgraduate Research Programs