Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

The School is committed to meet the requirements of the UNSW Health and Safety policies and implement the aims and strategies outlined within them.

Petroleum Engineering WHS Committee

Chair and Level 2 Representative Hamid Roshan 938-55535
Head of School (co-chair) Klaus Regenauer-Lieb 938-58005
School Manager Louella Almeida 938-55780
Laboratory Manager Nino Zajaczkowski 938-55186
Senior Professional Officer Ji-Youn Arns  
Teaching Labs Zhixi Chen 938-56746
Laboratory Assistant Mikhail Farid 9385 4406
Postgraduate Student Representative Igor Shikhov  


The School requires its staff and students to follow the UNSW and Faculty OHS policies on training. Information on mandatory and special training requirements can be found on the Health and Safety website.

Staff and students can register for OHS training and view their training history through myUNSW.

Emergency Management

In case of emergency call UNSW Security on extension 56666 or 9385-6666.

For further information on emergency situations at UNSW, please refer to the UNSW Emergency Management Unit.

Evacuations and Drills

Upon hearing a loud hailer alarm or a request to evacuate the building, all occupants of the building must leave in an orderly manner by the nearest exit. Follow the instructions of the Fire Wardens who will coordinate evacuation.

The evacuation assembly area point for all staff, visitors and passers-by at TETB is the opposite end of the village green (sports oval) on the Newtown Lawn (behind the Old Main Building).

There will be, on occasion, emergency drills run in the Building and when these occur it is imperative that all persons obey the directions of the appropriate Floor Wardens in the building. In the case of an evacuation of the building all personnel should evacuate the building and move to the closest assembly point outside the building.

Wardens & First Aid Officers

The Tyree Building has a large team of floor wardens, special wardens and first aid officers. The team is lead by the following members of staff:

Role Name Office Extension Station
CHIEF WARDEN Ravi Shanmugarajah Room G08B 938-57185 EWIS Panel
DEPUTY CHIEF WARDEN Mable Fong Desk 123WS11 938-50411 EWIS Panel
DEPUTY CHIEF WARDEN Davy Cheng Desk 119E 938-54896 EWIS Panel
COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER Emma Lovell Desk 311WS2 938-54367 Ground Floor

A full list of wardens and first aid officers can be found in Tyree Building Emergency Control Organisation contact list.

First Aid Kit Locations

First Aid Kits are located in multiple locations on each floor of the Tyree Building. Kits are located on the first floor of near the Reception Desk and on the second floor adjacent to the Kitchen and opposite Lab 265.

Emergency Flip Charts and Posters

Emergency procedures flip charts are located in each room of the Tyree Building and identify UNSW emergency procedures.

There are also emergency notices on each floor showing the locations of exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other emergency equipment.

The posters on the laboratory doors provide information on the types of hazards in the area and contacts for help in the event of an accident.

Hazard Reporting

To report a hazard

  1. Login to myUNSW
  2. Click on the ‘My Staff profile’ or ‘My Student profile’ tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the ‘Harm to Zero’ logo at the bottom of the page; you will be redirected to the ‘OHS&E Reporting System’ screen.

When you submit your Hazard/Incident the following report will appear on your screen:

Your issue has been successfully submitted and a notification email has been sent to your supervisor for further action. You are able to track its progress via logging into myUNSW and clicking on the “Harm to Zero” logo, and then accessing the “My Reported Hazards/Incidents” option.

When you have completed your report please send an email to Nino Zajaczkowski advising that an incident has occurred and that you have reported it through myUNSW.

For more information on how to use the online reporting system visit the OHS unit website.

OHS Policy, Procedures and Guidelines

The UNSW OHS Policy, procedures and guidelines are available on the Health and Safety Unit website.


UNSW OHS Policy Statement

UNSW OHS Responsibility, Authority and Accountability Procedure

Procedures and Instructions

Access Procedures and Working Outside Normal Hours

Compulsory Door Sign for Laboratories

An example of a Door Sign for Laboratories

Useful Information

Dangerous Goods Information (Classification Diamonds)

Dangerous Goods Compatibility